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  ★ China has become one of the most important cooperation partners in the era of globalization.
  ★ Economically, China has already become the biggest trader in the world.
  ★ Chinese culture is rapidly expanding its international influence.
  ★ Chinese is becoming more and more popular and essential. Mastering Chinese helps you get more opportunities of good jobs.
  ★ Studying in China will give you a broader perspective and sharpen edge.

Shanxi University is widely recognized for its research, development and innovation. Joining the University as a student provides you with a truly unique opportunity to enhance your Chinese language proficiency or work with some of the most influential academics in your chosen field. In the University you will develop your specialist skills, deepen your understanding and gain new insight and perspectives to equip you for your career ahead. Whether your plans are for employment or further study in China or anywhere in the world, you will find the highest quality research and learning opportunities here.

Join us, explore our comprehensive range of study programs and enjoy a first class educational experience as part of a lively global community.

Shanxi University sincerely and warmly welcomes you!

1. Taiyuan Overview

  Shanxi province is the cradle of the splendid Chinese civilizations, boasting its magnificent mountains and rivers, abundant in natural resources, profound culture and diligent people. The number of the historical and cultural sites ranks top nationwide.
  Taiyuan City is the capital of Shanxi province with a long history over 2500 years. Many historical and cultural sites are scattered around Taiyuan, for instance, the ancient city of Pingyao--one of the world cultural heritages, Yungang grotto, Wutai mountains-holy land of Buddhism, and so on.
  Nowadays, it is the center of politics, finance, culture and international exchanges of Shanxi province. Taiyuan city is also an important base for new products and boasts a sophisticated manufacturing industry.
  Taiyuan is one of the transportation hubs in Shanxi province. It takes three hours by train and only fifty minutes by plane to go to Beijing - the capital of China. The Modern international airport and train station make travelling more convenient.

2. Shanxi University Today

Shanxi University is a university co-developed by the State Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Shanxi Province. Shanxi university has inherited the glorious tradition of “Knowing the East and the West; seeking goodness and truth; valuing virtue and talents; strengthening oneself and serving the country” and promoted the school spirit of “being diligent, strict, honest and creative”. Shanxi University has cultivated excellent expertise for the country and made an important contribution to the cause of educating people and revitalizing the nation. Shanxi University has state key disciplines, state of the art laboratories and research centers, all of which have laid a profound academic and scientific research foundation for the university.

3. Our Faculties

Shanxi University is staffed by high-quality academic lecturers and has attained remarkable achievements in cultivating skills. At present, Shanxi University has 2,026 full-time teachers, among whom 1,194 have obtained advanced academic titles. There are professional lectures from Chinese Academy of Sciences, national outstanding professional and technical talents, national model teachers, leading teachers and experts in our university. Moreover, it hosts state-level innovative research groups, state-level teaching teams and the innovative research groups supported by the Ministry of Education.

4. Our Students

At present, there are 20,169 undergraduates and 6,382 graduates studying full time in our university. It has won many first prizes in the national competitions. Over the years, Shanxi University has consistently ranked among the leading universities in graduate placement and so far it has had over 100,000 graduates, most of them are highly-paid employees.

5. Our Disciplines

Shanxi University has 3 academic workstations, 14 post-doctoral mobile research stations, 42 doctoral degree programs, 156 Master’s degree programs and 83 undergraduate programs. So Shanxi University is one of the national comprehensive universities which host a full range of disciplines.

6. Our Campus

Our campus, covering a geographic area of 2,450 mu and a floor space of 1,100,000 square meters, has been awarded the titles of Green and Gardenlike University by the provincial government. With a collection of 3.232 million books (copies) and 2510 GB e-books in its library, Shanxi University provides teaching and research instruments with a total value of more than 400 million yuan RMB. The campus consists of two parts. The northern part is characterized by elegant traditional designs while the southern one boasts many stylish modern buildings. A deeply humanistic and serene atmosphere permeates the whole campus, which is suitable for both studying and living.

7. International Exchange

Shanxi University has increasingly enlarged its international exchanges. It has established intercollegiate relationships with over 50 universities and institutions from the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and other countries. In addition, in November 2009, Shanxi University collaborated with the Pfeiffer University of the United States and set up a Confucius Institute. The establishment of the Confucius Institute has provided more opportunities for international students to study in China.

8. Scholarship

Shanxi University hosts the recipients of the Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship students worldwide. It also provides Shanxi University Scholarship for international students.

9. Flexible Admission

If your Chinese proficiency failed to reach the undergraduate, graduate school admission requirements of Shanxi University, you can first choose to study Chinese language in the School of International Education and Exchange of our university. The school has special preparatory classes for international students with different Chinese levels. Professional and experienced Chinese teachers will help you master Chinese language as soon as possible. We will assist you overcome all your language problems.

10. Life in Shanxi University

You will experience our study environment which is full of vigor, energy and incentives. Many students’ communities are anxiously waiting to welcome you and introduce you to our interesting activities. We’re sure you will enjoy university life at our campus.

11. The security on the campus

The safety of students and faculties is an important aspect at our university. We have therefore funded a comprehensive upgrade of the facilities on the campus to ensure safety. We have highly trained security guards patrolling our campus 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our aim is to guarantee every one’s safety and comfort day and night.

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